La Cite Inmobiliaria has been established since 1994 in Punta del Este.



Cite Inmobiliaria was created in 1982 in Argentina, later in 1993 the offices in Uruguay were opened and since then they have been registered with the Ministry of Tourism as Real Estate Agent No. 510. After 18 years of being established in Uruguay, our brand continues to be synonymous with quality and trust. Today our clientele not only comes from Argentina and Brazil, but from Europe and the United States. We are the only Real Estate Company with offices in Uruguay that serves its clients in Spanish, German and native English.



|  More than 18 years experience guarantee our clients a quality service
Multilingual staff (Spanish, English, German mother tongues)
|  A vast list of properties for sale and/or rent, updated regularly
|  Tailor-made services for your property
|  Company registered at the Uruguayan Ministry of Tourism as an approved Real Estate agent (register no. 510)
Properties are published in three languages on our web site which is positioned in search engines in Europe, USA, Argentina and Brazil
We work together with the best real estate professionals (lawyers, notaries and accountants etc)

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